Seattle notes


  1. Protect the team
  2. No complaining, no excuses
  3. Be early


  1. Do my job better than its ever been done before.
  2. End every conversation with a thank you. 
  3. Build an amazing relationship, a famous relationship of cooperation and coordination


Words are like water. When controlled they serve as the foundation to prosperity. When disregarded or without restraint, they destroy.

Center stage

If you want to succeed, focus on building your audience.

Whether you’re a pop star, clothing line, or even a restaurateur, your ability to grow an audience is more important than the product you sell.

Music, clothing and food, all these products have a certain baseline but without audience these things are merely commodities.

The most successful brands (people) have the ability to reinforce their stories while reaching new crowds. The platform and product do not matter as long as there is an audience that can be leveraged into conversion.

*Genius and invention will always be an exception.

Happiness never comes to those seeking happiness

Note to self: Stop trying.

You never win when you try to win. Allow yourself to fall back on preparation; you don’t need to rise to the occasion or try for the perfect shot. Let the game come to you.

Your life’s victories have been a by-product of practice, great missteps and the freedom from expectation. Your career has been a series of pivots away from failure, your most meaningful relationships have sprouted from an absence of promise or assumption.